The NanoTube is a collection of short videoclips, interviewing specialists around Europe who work with nanotechnologies in different ways. Physicists, chemists, toxicologists, philosophers, artists, sociologists, industrialists and policy makers shed light on how they think nanotechnologies will impact society. Taken together, the clips express the variety of hopes, dreams, expectations, fears and concerns associated with nanotechnologies.

Donald Bruce United Kingdom
Emilie Delbays France
Dr. Christian Simon France
Dr. Dag Høvik Norway
Dr. Stefano Realdon Italy
Magª Ilse Marschalek Austria
Dr. Lukasz Nieradko Poland
Fabrizio Giacometti Italy
Claudio Germinario Italy
Dipl. Ing. Christian Wögerer Austria
Dr. Mónica Lira Cantu Spain
Prof. dr. hab Witold Łojkowski Poland
Dr. Vidar Skaug Norway
Prof. dr. Andrzej Burian Poland
Prof. dr. Tomasz Ciach Poland
Diego Basset Italy
Ali Reza Tirna Norway
Prof. dr. ir. Dave H.A. Blank Netherlands
Dr. Robert Prevedel and Tina Schrödel Austria
Prof. dr. Romain Quidant France
Dr. Nicole Papen-Botterhuis Netherlands
Ferran Seco and Jordi Diaz Marcos Spain
Ass.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Heinz Amenitsch Austria
Prof. dr. Kobus Kuipers Netherlands
Dr. Jarosław Piekarski Poland
Prof. Dr. José Maria Guilemany Spain
Prof. dr. Eleonore Fröhlich Austria
Dr. Nik Baerten Belgium
Dr. Mariantonietta Parracino Italy
José Maria Abad Spain
Marcin Krupa Poland
Furio Gramatica Italy
Loly Fernández Caró Spain
Dr. Aron Cummings Spain
Dr. Andrea Locatelli Italy
Lech Kalinowski and Piotr Witas Poland
Prof. dr. Tsjalling Swierstra Netherlands
Dr. Massimo Perucca Italy
Prof. dr. ir. Albert van den Berg Netherlands
Dr. Marzia Quaglio Italy
Ass. Prof. Ola Nilsen Norway
Dr. Max Kinzl Austria
Dr. Margherita Morpurgo Italy
Hans-Jürgen Schorre Germany
Assoz. Prof. Univ.-Doz. Dr. Ruth Prassl Austria
Dr. Esther Barrena Spain
Dr. Koert van Mensvoort Netherlands
Ir. Miriam Luizink Netherlands
David Azoulay Switzerland
Veikko Ikonen Finland
Mmag. Dr. André Gazsó Austria
Dr. Loredana Casalis Italy
Prof. dr. Michael Rappolt Germany
Prof. DI. Dr. Emil J.W. List-Kratochvil Austria
Dr. Craig Poland United Kingdom