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This report on Responsible Research and Innovation was prepared for the Driectorate-General Research and Innovation of the European Commission by Hilary Sutcliffe, director of the UK think-tank MATTER. According to the report: “RRI is about trying to get better at anticipating problems, taking into account wider social, ethical and environmental issues and being able to create flexible and adaptive systems to deal with these unintended consequences. This is sometimes called ‘Anticipatory Governance’. RRI aims not to be a barrier to innovation but a stimulus for success. Growth based on genuine innovation; which brings to life sustainable development and involves society in the creation of its vision, the articulation of its values and the shaping of its products will allow Europe to be a hub of innovation for the benefit of us all.”

A Report on Responsible Research and Innovation by Hilary Sutcliffe (pdf file on ec.europa.eu, last accessed 18 Dec 2013).