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NanoDiode elaborated on processes of ‘regulatory research for effective risk assessment’, by bringing together researchers and industrial partners with risk assessors to discuss sensible ways forward for developing precautionary risk measures for using nanomaterials. Three workshops were organized to discuss governance and risk assessment related issues in a structured debate amongst stakeholders.D3.3_RiskGovernance_NanoDiode_May2016

The first workshop took placeat the NanoSafe 2014 conference in Grenoble on 20 November 2014. The title was: Transparency and Confidentiality – finding a balance for nano-risk governance – Are Nanoregistries the (a) solution?

The second workshop took placein Brussels on 16 September 2015. This workshop was supported by input from IFA in Germany. It was a closed workshop where invited participants discussed benefits and pitfalls of a generic approach towards risk management of nanomaterials, and identified ways forward as to how to realize a broader basis for a precautionary approach in European member states.

The third workshop was organised in Bologna during the NanotechItaly2015 conference (25 – 27 November 2015) on 26 November 201. The title was: A straightforward precautionary approach for safe working with nanomaterials, comprehensible and acceptable for labour inspection, with a focus on the needs of SMEs.