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NANOYOU carried out a communication and outreach program in nanotechnology aimed at European youth from 2009 – 2011, funded by the FP7 NMP programme. The project aimed to reach 11-18 year olds through school programs to take place in at least 20 EU Member States and Associated States. Additional programs aimed at young adults aged 19-25 were offered in science centres. NANOYOU combined temporary exhibitions, innovative computer games, experiments and other online content, and workshops aimed at making participants aware of nanotechnology risks and benefits. NANOYOU’s teacher training materials sought to equip science teachers and other personnel to present the NANOYOU programs. NANOYOU was focused on the three sub-areas of medicine, energy and the environment, and information and communication technology. The communication plan also tried to encourage young people’s participation in dialogues about the ethical, legal and societal aspects (ELSA) of nanotechnology.

The recent compendium for educators made on the basis of NANOYOU and TimeforNano presents an extensive overview on the relevant principles, applications, implications and hands-on activities for nanotechnology education: (pdf file, external link, last accessed 28 March 2014).

The project website is no longer available, but a collection of videos is available on YouTube: