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The educational project Nanosmile was developed in the context of the European project NanoSafe2 and is currently supported by the project iNTeg-Risk. It aims to contribute to the understanding of risks related to nanomaterials and to make science comprehensible in order to facilitate public dialogue. Nanosmile provides knowledge about the risks and uncertainties associated with the production, use and future evolution of these products. It also explains the state of the art in nanotechnology risk assessment and risk management

Its teaching objectives are to identify potential risks and good practices; understand the difficulties of metrology and the implementation of measures to protect personnel; increase the awareness of the potential impact on health and establish medical monitoring systems; consider the potential impact on environment; to take into consideration the societal context of decision-making and to initiate interaction with the public.

Visit the NANOSMILE website (external link, last accessed 28 March 2014).