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Nanopinion is an EC-funded project within the FP7 NMP programme bringing together 17 partners from 11 countries with the aim of monitoring public opinion on what we hope for from innovation with nanotechnologies.

The project targets citizens with a special focus on hard-to-reach target groups, which are people who do not normally encounter and give their opinion nanotechnologies at first hand. Online dialogues and outreach events in 30 countries presented different participatory formats. The project also runs a press and social media campaign, offering a repository with more than 150 resources. Finally, nanopinion offered an educational programme for schools.

This project aims to stimulate active participation of citizens for evaluating what they want from research and innovation. In particular, the project focused on analysing how society would like nanotechnologies to be used in the future. The project monitors opinion with an innovative multi-stranded approach, focusing on dialogue. The methodology used will be made public as a case study for future engagement with nanotechnologies.

Visit the Nanopinion website (external link, last accessed 28 March 2014).