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The main purpose of the Nanomed Round Table project was to provide to European stakeholders a set of recommendations to support decision making regarding nanomedical innovations. These recommendations were based on an analysis of existing documents, multi-stakeholder debate, and construction of scenarios on the possible consequences and impacts of nanomedicine.

Although very promising, nanomedicine may add new dimensions to many ethical, social and economic issues. For the promises to be realised to achieve the maximum benefit of nanomedical innovations for everyone the way has to be paved for a safe, integrated and responsible approach to nanomedicine. This will also be a necessary condition for the sustainable competitiveness of nanomedical research and development in Europe, and for its healthcare industry. It is therefore of primary importance to understand its possible impacts and consequences in advance and to provide for all stakeholders a well-organised forum to express their needs and requirements, in particular for patients and society.

The Nanomed Round Table project was funded under the FP7 NMP programme and ended in 2009.

The project website is no longer active, but an extended report of the project is available at: (pdf file, external link, last accessed 27 March 2014).