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The NANOLOGUE project was funded as a Specific Support Action under the FP6-NMP prgramme. The project ran from 2005 – 2007. It’s overarching objective was to help establish a common understanding concerning social, ethical and legal aspects of nanotechnology applications and to facilitate a Europe-wide dialogue among science, business and civil society about its benefits and potential impacts. Key findings from a mapping study on ethical, legal and social aspects (ELSA) of nanotechnologies were summarised and a background paper on energy conversion and storage, food packaging and medical diagnosis were compiled.

The second phase resulted in a study of opinions on the ethical, legal and social aspects of nanotechnologies based on the consultation of representatives from research, business and civil society. Finally the project partners developed three scenarios on the future of nanoscience published in ‘We need to talk: the future of nanotechnology‘. Insights gained throughout the project have also been used for the design of the NanoMeter – an internet-based tool assessing societal implications of nanotechnology

The project website is no longer active, but the final report of the project is available at:
ftp://ftp.cordis.europa.eu/pub/nanotechnology/docs/nanologue_projectdescription_en.pdf (pdf file, external link, last accessed 27 March 2014).