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NanoCap, an FP6 Science and Society project which ran from 2006 – 2009, aimed to deepen the understanding of environmental, occupational health and safety risks and ethical aspects of nanotechnology by organising a structured discussion between environmental non-governmental organisations (NGOs), trade unions, academic researchers and other stakeholders in order to enable them to participate in a debate on nanotechnology at European level, to improve their understanding of this new technological field, and to give them the opportunity to formulate their positions within their actual policy context supported by scientific input, to inform their members and the general public and to discuss the issues.

In addition, NanoCap aimed to develop recommendations to enable public authorities to address the health, safety and environmental risk issues related to the rapid introduction of nanotechnology into society. Another goal of the project was to give industry the tools to introduce a nanotechnology responsibly, i.e. to stimulate industrial and academic R&D performers to focus on source reduction regarding nanoparticles and to make risk assessment an important dimension in their work.

Visit the NANOCAP website (external link, last accessed 28 March 2014).