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NanoBio-RAISE combined ethics research in nanobiotechnology with science communication. This interdisciplinary project, which ran from 2005 – 2008 and was funded as a Coordination Action within the FP6 Science and Society programme, brought together nanobiotechnologists, ethicists and communication specialists with the aim to anticipate the societal and ethical issues likely to arise as nanobiotechnologies develop.

The project aimed to respond to public and political concerns resulting from scientific and commercial developments in nanotechnology. This involved clarifying ethical issues involved and recommending and carrying out strategies for public communication to address the emerging questions; incorporating the recommendations of the European Commission’s Communication “Towards a European Strategy for Nanotechnology” and the results of the Nanoforum public consultation which surveys European public opinion on these issues.

The project implemented these objectives by means of an expert group, on-line forum & bibliographic database; horizon scanning workshops; public opinion focus group discussions; ethics & public communication courses for nanobiotechnologists; briefing papers for specific audiences, ethics lecturers, professional public relations and website and support to EC Nanotechnology Action Plan.

The project website is no longer active, but a project description is available at: