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Nano Matters is a PhD thesis from Pieter van Broekhuizen, based on studies carried out in the period 2008 – 2012.

Nano Matters studies the positioning of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) regarding the responsible development of nanotechnologies and formulates building blocks for a precautionary approach, as to express the CSOs’ demands towards industry and governmental authorities. The study assesses the potential risks arising from occupational use of manufactured nanomaterials and identifies large gaps in knowledge and information supply. It develops a concept for generic nano reference values (NRVs) as a tool for risk management of nanomaterials’ use. NRVs may provisionally substitute occupational exposure limits, as long as these are not available for nanomaterials. The study also identifies the need to take process-generated nanoparticles into account in risk assessment and emphasizes the likeliness that, at many workplaces, these nanoparticles may be a larger risk than occupational exposure to manufactured nanomaterials.


Thesis Pieter van Broekhuizen: Nano Matters – Building Blocks for a Precautionary Approach (external link, last accessed 16 December 2013)