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The general objectives of the FP6 Science and Society project MESSENGER were to contribute to an informed debate among scientists, journalists and representatives of civil society concerning the production of science, technology and health news, and the communication of risk in this context.

It aimed to identify opportunities for appropriate engagement of relevant stakeholders and actors in the governance of scientific research and its applications in Europe and to determine perceptions of media coverage of science, technology and health issues in a representative sample of EU countries. It also aimed to facilitate and improve the quality of dissemination of scientific information and advice through the mass media in Europe and to generate specific outputs of practical value in improving the transmission of scientific information and advice.

Media analysis of science, technology and health issues across Europe to assess the cultures, roles and styles of the media in communicating science and detailed analyses of media coverage of biotechnology, nuclear research, reproduction and stem cell research as well as nanotechnology were conducted in six EU member states.

Visit the MESSENGER project website (external link, last accessed 27 March 2014).