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DECIDE aimed at raising awareness and understanding of deliberative democracy methods by producing a tool to conduct and facilitate deliberative consultations and monitoring the change of attitudes among the European public on contemporary Life Sciences.

The project ran from 2004 – 2006 and was funded by the FP6 Science and Society programme. It produced a “kit” to facilitate structured debates on controversial issues in the life sciences in science centres and museums across Europe.

The topics had a direct link to the policy discussions of the time. The kit included a series of “cards” representing facts, issues, policies and scenarios (participants could add their own arguments as required) that helped participants to visualize the debate on a discussion board and reach consensus.

New versions of the card game, including a kit specifically on nanotechnology, were recently developed through the EU-project FUND, a two-year project  to stimulate the use of discussion games and other debate formats in European cities for the development of a scientific culture at the local level. See: http://www.playdecide.eu/play/topics/nanotechnology.