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This deliverable ‘Condensed risk assessment report on issues relevant to effective occupational risk governance’ builds on the experiences from the activities within NanoDiode with midstream engagement, which especially focused on the development and use of manufactured nanomaterials in professional settings. As such a strong focus was on occupational health issues. Environmental issues related to the use of nanomaterials are only minimally discussed in this deliverable. They were subject of discussion in some of the organized user committees (see website NanoDiode[1]).

Discussing issues relevant to effective occupational risk governance implies that an effective risk governance system should be imbedded within the existing (or slightly adapted) legislative framework. Therefore the existing legislative framework relevant for nanomaterials and the positioning of stakeholders towards uncertainties in knowledge on nanomaterials is shortly discussed, followed by the identification of building blocks for effective occupational risk governance.


[1] RA report on Issues relevant to effective occ and env risk governance