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SIFO is a non-biased governmental institute that conducts consumer research and testing, and was established in 1939. The board of directors is appointed by the Ministry of Children and Family Affairs, which also provides the basic funding. SIFO currently has a staff of 50. The scientific staff is comprised of researchers and other highly qualified personnel from social and natural sciences. The main disciplines are sociology, anthropology, political science and economy. SIFO’s projects are organized into four categories: household economy, consumer culture, technology and environment, market and politics.

SIFO is the only institute in Norway solely concerned with consumer research, and as such is responsible for developing expertise on the relevant fields. Importance is placed on research as well as the dissemination of information to various authorities, consumer-oriented institutions, research and scientific institutions, and in private industry.

SIFO participates in several Nordic projects, first and foremost under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers, among others through the committee of leading government officials concerned with consumer affairs (EK-Konsument Ämbetsmannskomité). Furthermore, SIFO participates in the work of international standardisation. SIFO has been very active within the 5thFP, 6thFP and 7th FP of the EU, both as coordinator and participant.


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