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NANOfutures is an ETIP European Technology Integrating and Innovation Platform, multisectorial, cross-ETP, integrating platform with the objective of connecting and establishing cooperation and representation of Technology Platforms that require nanotechnologies in their industrial sector and products. NANOfutures and its operative branch NANOfutures association act as a “Nano-Hub” by linking JTIs, associations, ETPs with expert groups in a collaborative environment.

NANOfutures at its base is open to industry, SMEs, NGOs, financial institution, research institution, universities and civil society with an involvement from Member States at national and regional level. It is an environment where all these different entities are able to interact and come out with a shared vision on nanotechnology futures.

NANOfutures has been very active in Science education, outreach and dialogue; the previous Roadmap CSA essentially consisted of reaching stakeholders and targets in order to network to ensure dialogue between several stakeholders (Working Groups, Key node Groups, production of value chains and road mapping).


Follow this link to view the NANOfutures Website.