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IVAM is a research and consultancy agency in the field of sustainability, originating from the Interfaculty Environmental Science Department (IVAM) of the University of Amsterdam and the “Chemiewinkel Amsterdam”. Since 1993 IVAM has formed an independent unit within UvA Holding BV.

IVAM cooperates closely with clients to help them put their sustainable ambitions into practice. Our research and advice bring companies, governmental and social organizations further on the road to sustainability. Our research and advice provide a concrete and as far as possible quantitative interpretation of your sustainability ambitions.

The expertise of our employees is diverse. At IVAM, consultants are employed with scientific backgrounds ranging from industrial design, environmental chemistry and urban planning to biology and psychology. In this way IVAM can realize the multidisciplinary approach that is necessary to address sustainability issues.

IVAM: all-round, independent, capable, innovative and application-oriented.

IVAM operates according to an ISO 9001 certified quality system. This certifying organisation described IVAM as “an innovative research and consulting agency which approaches its clients with integrity and is capable of carrying out national and international environmental projects in a professional manner”.


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