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Founded in 1971 in France by seven national associations of science journalists, EUSJA now represents more than 2,500 science journalists from 22 countries. The main goals of EUSJA are truly barrier-breaking by aiming to improve communication between the international scientific community and society and to promote contacts between journalists in the field of scientific and technical communication.

The national associations, in co-operation with EUSJA, regularly organize international study trips and workshops as well as science and public debates in their countries for science journalists. Also during the debates the science journalists and researchers have the opportunity to exchange ideas and to promote a creative dialogue between the scientific community and journalists. EUSJA regularly (each year) is organizing specific workshops in events such as ESOF (as a member of Euroscience) as well as in the Word Conference of Science Journalists (organised by the Word Federation of Science Journalists that EUSJA is a founding member).

Over the last 5 years EUSJA is involved in EU projects (in FP7) mainly in the area of Science in Society programme. The project Places and SiS Catalyst are indicative examples of its involvement. Also EUSJA is cooperating with other FP7 projects like PERSEUS in the area of Marine Environment Research providing training in the involved researches as well as organizing awards for science journalists about writing for the specific field.


Follow this link to visit EUSJA’s website.