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The BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (BioNanoNet) is an Austrian Network which combines a wide range of expertise in numerous disciplines of medical and pharmaceutical research in nanomedicine and nanotoxicology. We created a broad technology platform by connecting leading companies, universities and non-university research organizations, aiming to drive innovative interdisciplinary research focused on health, environment and safety issues. BioNanoNet coordinates Austrian and international partners in the European Center for Nanotoxicology (EURONanoTox). EURO-NanoTox deals with all aspects of human toxicology of nano-structured materials, provides toxicological information and establishes international standards.

BioNanoNet is publisher of “EURO-NanoTox-LETTERS”, an online journal in the field of nanotoxicology and nanomedicine. The aim of EURO-NanoTox-LETTERS is to increase knowledge of nanoparticle interactions in the physiological context. BioNanoNet is also an Austrian lighthouse in NANOfutures-project, deals with regulatory aspects of nanotechnology (CE-EUproject NANOFORCE), is project partner in NANoREG-project (EU-FP7-NMP), and responsible for project management of EU-project SPIDIMAN (EU-FP7-HEALTH).


Follow this link to visit the BioNanoNet website.