Dialogue and engagement, By NanoDiode

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The NanoDiode project partners have published an action plan for the various activities planned in work package 2 – INSPIRE. The action plan describes the rationale, objectives, planning and initial assessment criteria for the public engagement activities in this work package.

The overall aim of NanoDiode is to involve stakeholders and citizens in constructive dialogue on the ways that nanotechnologies could benefit society. By involving a broader range of stakeholders in research and policy decision making, NanoDiode aims to support the responsible development of nanotechnologies in Europe.

Work package 2 initiates a process of engagement and dialogue at the level of nanotechnology research policy as part of the overall NanoDiode engagement effort. It aims to determine European citizens’ views of nanotechnologies by a survey and in-depth interviews, and to hold a series of multi-stakeholder dialogues to determine how nanotechnologies can address important societal and ethical challenges and identify desired fields of innovation. Additionally, a competition on innovative ideas for nanotechnology products of the future will be organised for school students.

Responsible governance of nanotechnologies in Europe requires a policy framework that has the capacity to identify and respond to public concerns. In addition to more traditional mechanisms for outreach and dialogue ‘from the inside out’ (in terms of education and communication), governance needs to work ‘from the outside in’: NanoDiode aims to enhance the responsiveness of nanotechnology research and policy making by enabling citizens and civil society organizations to participate in the decision making processes.

The action plan identifies how the activities in work package 2 intend to encourage a public dialogue. It can be downloaded here: NanoDiode_WP2_Action_Plan (pdf file).