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All eleven of them were great! The 11 videos that participated in our students video contest on nano really amazed us with their creativity, ideas and passion! And it has been a real derby! Finally we have a winner (or maybe 2 winners)! Here are the final results:

1. Florinano (81,6%)

2. I.M. Panagiotopoulos School (80,9%)

3. 6th Junior High School of Heraklion

4. Álvaro López Sánchez, Laura Porto Vergara, Andrea Simón Díaz

5. Muş Science and Art Center

6. Ekpedeftiki Anagennisi School

7. Athanassios Mpollos

8. Patrik Varró

9. Borja Lombardero García, Sergio Montes Fernández, Helios Miguel Meana Serrano

10. Nikolas Rahiotis

11. Bence Bereznay

The NanoDiode project partners decided that the winners of the contest will be both the Florinano team, and the I.M. Panagiotopoulos school. This is because the two videos where really close in scores.

Both teams (or representatives of the teams) will have the opportunity to visit NSCR Demokritos, in Athens, Greece (details to be announced soon).

We’d especially like to thank the Muş Science and Art Center School from Turkey, who took the first place in the NanoDiode partnership’s votes! (Note: the score has been 50% Facebook and Youtube likes and 50% partners votes).

We’d also like to thank Athanassios Mpollos, Patrik Varró, Nikolas Rahiotis and Bence Bereznay, who took part in this contest as solo participants, without the support of a school, which was a really difficult task.

Here are the two winning videos:



Please visit the contest’s Youtube channel to watch all videos