CREATE: Enable processes of co-creation during research and innovation

  • To develop and carry out ‘3rd generation deliberative processes’, bringing together researchers, civil society organisations (CSOs), industrial partners and policy-makers to discuss and select concrete fields of application for nanotechnology innovations
  • To establish ‘User Committees’ for specific, near-application research projects creating innovation with nanotechnologies: groups of potential ‘users’ (industrial customers as well as consumers) will identify and discuss key challenges for the coming products, desired properties and technical features with the aim to steer the research towards social values and user needs
  • To enable an innovative process of ‘Supporting responsible research’, a Brussels-based workshop will be organised bringing together researchers and industrial partners with risk assessors and regulators to discuss sensible ways forward and appropriate risk-governance approaches (including risk assessment and concern assessment) for the identified fields of innovation. Participants from R&D will discuss the concept of ‘Safety by Design’ for materials relevant for their innovation

Dr Pieter van Broekhuizen
+31 20 525 6324