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People could use nanotechnology for many things, but I’ll use it for a special one.

Have you ever left your keys, your mobile phone, or something small and important for you somewhere, and then when you look for it, …but you can’t find it…?

I was thinking of a solution for it. Obviously, Nanotechnology.

I’ll use a small radio transmitter to create a radio signal, which could be localized by a kind of radar, and also an app for your mobile phone.

The small nanotransmitter, will be localized in a sticker, which you can paste anywhere you want. Your phone, the keys, a watch…anything you want. Hey! We could even have different stickers for different things!

They will be permanently on, so the Item could be always pinpointed!

Each item would have a nanobattery, which is charged kinetically by means of the movement of the object where the sticker is pasted.

The mobile will identify the serial number that each sticker contains, so only you will be able to find your things.

You might be wondering… What will happen if I paste a sticker on my mobile, and I lose it?

Don’t worry about it. We have a smart solution for that.

The items are similar to paper tattoos. The Nanotransmitters are pasted to the objet using a small amount of water. The sticker can only be removed with alcohol.

It will have a sensor which detects the radio signal that is produced by each sticker. Only the ones with the same serial identification of the sensor can be identified.

It’s easy, you take something, you paste on the sticker with the nanotransmitter, and that’s it.

Download the app in your mobile, and you’ll always find your things!


Pablo Peña Suárez, Colegio Corazón de María, Gijón – Asturias, Spain


(Picture: Daniel Lee, Flickr Creative Commons)