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The other day while I was looking after my little cousin I experienced a big problem: The baby’s bottle was cold and I couldn’t heat it.

So I had to go back home with her.

When I got home I got my innovative idea: I thought it would have been great to have a way for heating the bottle in the street, so I could go on playing with her instead of going back home.

Wouldn´t it be wonderful if we could incorporate nanotechnology to babies’ bottles so that they were made of a material that you could heat by rubbing it with your own hands? I am thinking of materials that absorb sunlight and store its energy, then release it once you give the material a small amount of heat, for example by rubbing it a little. It would also be great if the material could change color from red (fully charged) to blue (discharged), so we would know if we still needed more time rubbing or “sunbathing” before using it.

I think the material could save incredible amounts of money, and allow heating things in places without access to electrical current or gas, for example in developing countries. I am thrilled with this idea and loads of applications come to my mind: self-heating clothes in winter, self-heating tupperware…

Rodrigo García Ferreriro, Colegio Corazón de María, Gijón – Asturias, Spain


(Picture sunsurfr, Flickr Creative Commons)