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Thank you for your interest on the NanoDiode internet survey! This survey aims to map Europeans’ priorities for innovation, their hopes and concerns, when it comes to nanotechnologies. Finally the views expressed by you and other Europeans are to inspire policy makers, researchers and companies across Europe.

We would greatly appreciate if you took the time (5 to 10 minutes) for answering the survey. After clicking the map of your home country you are able to fill in the questionnaire in your own language. If your own country is not listed here, just pick a language that is convenient for you to use! On the last page we’ll ask your home country again. All your responses will of course be used in a confidential and anonymous way.

Thank you on behalf of all NanoDiode partners!

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  1. Marie-Hélène FRIES

    My answer to question 9 was not taken into account and i could not proceed.

    • Mikko Rissanen

      Dear Ms Fries,
      thank you very much for your friendly comment. We tried to search what could be wrong but could not locate an error – maybe you could describe the difficulties you experienced a little bit more? You can reach us directly through too,
      best regards
      Mikko Rissanen, NanoDiode Project Team / University of Stuttgart


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