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The NanoDiode Experience

Working Conference, 31 May 2016, Centre for Fine Arts Brussels

Join the debate on stakeholder engagement in European research and innovation. Policy makers, researchers, representatives from industry and civil society organisations will explore how to engage societal stakeholders and open up research and innovation to broader societal considerations.

– Find out about the latest insights from European research into the role of societal stakeholders.
– Learn how to organise stakeholder engagement in your own work during the knowledge fair.
– Discuss the future role of societal stakeholders of European research and innovation.

The working conference builds on the findings of the European project NanoDiode: from July 2013 to June 2016, NanoDiode has organised a range of engagement activities across Europe, involving stakeholders in a dialogue on the funding, performance and outcomes of nanotechnologies research.


10:00 Coffee and registration

10:30 Why engage societal stakeholders in research and innovation?

This opening plenary will be a moderated session where representatives from policy making, civil society and the media engage in debate with the audience on the rationale for societal engagement. Confirmed speakers:

  • Philippe Keraudren, Deputy Head of Unit, EC RTD, B6 – Open and Inclusive Societies
  • David Azoulay, CIEL
  • Hilary Sutcliffe, Matter
  • Valerie Flynn, freelance journalist

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Knowledge fair: the what and how of stakeholder engagement.

NanoDiode partners will discuss with conference participants how to organise stakeholder engagement in their own work, building on the results of the NanoDiode project. The knowledge fair includes 30 minute sessions on public deliberation and involvement, multistakeholder dialogues, risk assessment, education, safe working with nanomaterials and public communication of nanotechnologies.

14:45 Embedding stakeholder engagement in research and innovation practice.

In this moderated session, representatives from research, industry and policy will explore how to open up research and innovation to broader societal considerations. Confirmed speakers:

  • Helene Chraye, Head of Unit, EC RTD D.3 – Advanced Materials and Nanotechnologies
  • Catherine Durand, CEA
  • Anne Goldberg, Solvay
  • Massimo Perucca, Project s.a.s.

15:45 Coffee

16:15 The future of stakeholder engagement

In this closing session, policy makers and engagement scholars and practitioners will discuss the future of stakeholder engagement with the audience. Confirmed panel members:

  • Rene von Schomberg, EC DG RTD A.6 – Data, Open Access and Foresight
  • Axel Singhofen, Advisor to the European Parliament
  • Carolin Kranz, BASF
  • Arie Rip, University of Twente
  • Doreen Fedrigo-Fazio, ETUI

17:15 Drinks



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