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NanoDiode  1st  Dutch  User  Committee  Meeting  on  Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies in and for Water and Water Treatment

***  Challenges  and  risks  ***      30  October  2014  *** Amersfoort, NL

This  first  User  Committee  meeting, organized in the Netherlands 30 October 2014  brings  together  technology  developers,  risk  researchers  and  users   (both  professional  users  and  CSOs  representing  end-­‐users)  to  scan  the  horizon  of  nanotechnologies  for   water  and  waste  water  treatment.

For   the   discussion   on   the   application   of   nanotechnologies   for   drinking   water   production   and   wastewater  treatment  a  distinction  is  made  in  two  main  topics  that  can  characterized  as:   ␣ nano  as  a  challenge     ␣ nano  as  a  risk.

The  practical  objective  is  to  identify  opportunities  and  challenges  for  specific  nanotechnologies,  moving   from  the  laboratory  setting  to  use  in  the  real  world  (e.g.  additional  requirements  in  the  context  of  use   (effects  of  scaling  up);  knowledge  gaps  in  translation  from  theory  to  practice).  The  underlying   methodological  objective  is  to  explore  the  effect  of  enhanced  user  involvement  in  technology   development.

The  meeting  consists  of  three  parts:  in  the  morning,  technology  developers  will  present  specific   technologies  and  their  opportunities  and  risk  researchers  will  present  their  ongoing  research  line;  users   will  respond  to  these  proposals.  After  lunch,  users  will  present  their  perspective  on  the  opportunities  of   nanotechnologies  and  technology  developers  will  respond.  The  last  part  of  the  day  is  devoted  to  a   discussion  of  the  possibilities  and  barriers  for  enhanced  user  involvement  in  technology  development.

Expected  outcomes  of  the  meeting  are:     

  • information  exchange  between  major  Dutch  actors  on  the  promises  and  concerns  of   nanotechnologies  in  water;  
  • opportunities  for  collaboration  between  developers  and  users  
  • improved  insight  in  the  of  early  user  involvement  in  technology  development