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During the XVII annual Lower Silesian Science Festival in Wroclaw, Poland, NanoDiode presented its NanoGallery and NanoBazaar. The pictures of modern nanoscience issues, applications of high-tech nanomaterials, the presentation of small experiments and NanoDiode videoclips caught the attention of a large variety of visitors.

Aside from enjoying the experiments, the videoclips and the explanations about the usage of nanotechnology in everyday products, the spectators were also invited by experts in the fields of nanophysics and nanomaterials to discuss a variety of nanotech-related issues, such as responsible research and innovation. By means of this multiple perspective approach NanoDiode aims for a better understanding of the issues in all its complexity.

Roughly 3,000 people visited the NanoDiode events, making them one of the most appreciated and most visited of the two-day Festival, especially by young and curious people.

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Poster with the results of the NanoBazaar