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NanoDiode fact sheets The NanoDiode fact sheets provide brief summaries of the various activities within the NanoDiode project and their most ... Governance workshops: engaging societal stakeholders The NanoDiode project organised two innovation governance workshops to discuss the project findings with policy makers a... NanoTube Videoclips The NanoTube is a collection of short videoclips, interviewing specialists around Europe who work with nanotechnologies ... Report on third generation deliberative processes One of the tasks of NanoDiode was to arrange stakeholder deliberations on questions on nanotechnology in six of the part... NanoBazaar The NanoBazaar is a pop-up initiative located in the centre of European cities. The aim of the activity is to offer visi... Report on User Committees The User Committee is one of the engagement activities under NanoDiode where issues relating to the steering of Research... Report on risk governance for effective risk assessment One of the NanoDiode activities was to elaborate further on processes of ‘regulatory research for effective risk asses... Citizen survey and in-depth interviews What do Europeans expect from nanotechnologies? Where and how would they like them to be used? In terms of responsible r... School kids’ and students’ competition for innovative ideas How about automatically heated nanomaterials, bracelet for monitoring one’s biological nutritional stats, a tracking d... Citizen & multi-stakeholder dialogues Citizen & multi-stakeholder dialogues – organised in 2014/2015 in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, in the Neth...